Nina is the jewelry and porcelain connoisseur behind Nina Bosch Porcelain Jewelry. I have admired her work ever since I spotted her work some time ago so I was thrilled when she agreed to partner with us for this makers beside feature. 

Moments captured by Kim of Kim Tracey Photography

Nina wears the Wide Brim Boater, Beth Crop, Ali Top, Flow Culottes Pants, Nola Pants and the Modern Loafer (launching soon).

What is your design philosophy?
I grew up in a creative family of ceramic artists, where daily circumstances drove me to pursue where I am today. White River is my home, a small town in The Lowveld. Natural surroundings and loving parents, whom I work side by side, it's my constant inspiration.

I approach every element in my range as a hand-crafted statement piece. With a focus on detail, I try to find a unique middle ground between simplicity and aesthetic value, while honoring the inherent qualities of the materials I use. Bold shapes, organic elements, and eccentric finishes are the base of my design philosophy of creating atypical, one-of-a-kind, speciality porcelain jewellery and ceramics.

What does slow fashion mean to you and how do you engage in this movement?
I believe that fashion is an extension of a lifestyle choice. The design philosophy I've adopted speaks of timelessness and quality, rather than trendiness and quantity. Slow fashion, to me, means wearability over the course of one decade as opposed to one season. I handle each of my pieces with care and equally respect the environment in my working process. There is an understated elegance in simplicity, which I feel directly derives from the principles of slow fashion.

How would you describe your relationship with clothing/style
Clothes are more than just a cover-up - they allow me to express my attitude towards life. What I wear directly influences my mood. As long as I feel comfortable and confident in the clothes I wear, no task is too big or too small. Quite bluntly put, I wear what makes me feel good and I look for items that are timeless.

Has your attitude towards fashion changed over the years?
I think everyone's attitude towards fashion evolves in some way as the years progress. I've always experimented with different styles and now I've finally found my voice in fashion.

What is your personal uniform?
I work with clay every day, so I prefer wearing lighter clothes to avoid looking like I am in the construction business. I like soft, breezy items made from quality fabrics - linen, cotton, and leather are absolute must-haves. Chunky knits, oversized scarves and anything high waisted also form part of my staple fashion artillery. I've found that my mood mostly dominates what I choose to put on for the day.

Do you have a favourite JS piece? and why?
The flow culottes - its gentle fit and comfort allow my bum to feel like it's on holiday.

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