Amor is the ink and clay connoisseur behind dayfeels. I have admired her work ever since I spotted her sea spray plates some time ago so I was thrilled when she agreed to partner with us for this makers beside feature. 

Moments captured by Rebecca and Bruce of Love Made Visible

Amor wears the Ali Top, Flow Culotte Pant, Felt Hat, Rhea Linen Dress, Olive DressKyra Duster, and Harper Sandal

What is your design philosophy?
Mindfulness, simplicity, nurture, share.

My approach is to nurture every single piece that I create. To design with purpose and focus. Design for me is not only about function, but it is about the personal touches in what I do. This forces me to engage in the process as much as possible, to be mindful of where all the elements come from and to create something unique for every person that takes it home.

What does slow fashion mean to you and how do you engage in this movement?
An appreciation and respect for the craft of making good quality clothing. Each piece is made with care and absolute attention to detail. I relate to this in my practice as an artist. Taking care of each piece that I create.

How would you describe your relationship with clothing / style?
Clothing and style have always been a big part of my life. My mother was an absolute fashion goddess in my eyes growing up. She used to make all of her clothes because of the lack of choice of good design back in the day. This is where my love for style developed. For me, it is more about how the clothing makes you feel than what is on trend or considered as "cool".  I tend to dress according to my mood, some days I want to look sophisticated or feminine and other days I dress like a teenage boy. 

Has your attitude towards fashion changed over the years?
Definitely. When I was a teen, it was all about brand names. In my early twenties, I experimented a lot with style and looked ridiculous most of the time. haha. I feel that my style today has become a lot simpler and minimal.

What is your personal uniform?
Because I am on my feet a lot, comfort is really important to me. I usually wear black/grey or white. Clean lines, soft fabric and comfortable leather shoes or sneakers.

Do you have a favourite JS piece? and why?
Definitely the culottes. They are the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication.

Is there a garment that has had a special place in your life or is linked to a treasured moment?
I have this jersey that my mom wore when she was 18 that she gave me. It has been something that I've worn my entire life and it still feels timeless and beautiful to me. A very special piece that I hope to one day pass onto my daughter.