Karin is the jewellery connoisseur behind Dear Rae Jewellery. At any time you can find the Jane Sews team wearing her precious metals. We are happy to be partnering with Dear Rae for this Makers Beside feature.  

Moments captured by Rebecca of Love Made Visible.

Karin wears the Beth Crop, Flow Culottes Pants, Abigail Dress, Apron Dress, Tate Shirt, High-Low Belt and Modern Loafers.

What does slow fashion mean to you?
My whole perception of fashion has changed. I think we are taught to keep up with new trends and to constantly buy new items to stay relevant. Slow fashion has taught me to embrace my own style and express myself in a more true and timeless way. 

How do you engage in this movement?
The items that I purchase are more considered as I really look to wear them for longer. I consider the quality, cut, fit and story behind the item. This naturally encourages me to purchase items from brands who reveal their process.

How would you describe your relationship with clothing/style?
I tend to choose a mix of unusual and classic cuts in neutral tones. My accessories hold more detail and add interesting accents to my outfits. Every now and then I add a bolder statement piece to keep things interesting.

Has your attitude towards fashion changed over the years?
Yes, I have definitely become discerning in my fashion choices. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and don't look to keep up with all the trends.

What is your personal uniform?
Denim bottoms (jeans or shorts) with a neutral toned vest or tee in an interesting cut.

Do you have a favourite JS piece? and why?
Right now I'm really enjoying the Beth Crop top in the olive green and black. I love the fabric and cut, it can be dressed up and down.

Is there a garment that has had a special place in your life or is linked to a treasured moment?
I have a beautiful emerald green silk top that I inherited from my grandmother, it is about 30 years old but still holds it's shape and colour beautifully.